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Q: Do I have to be prepared to pay 50% right away? 

A: Yes, we require a 50% deposit to get started. It is your assurance we are making you a priority.

Q: If we choose a stock design, how much time is included for customization? 

A: Good choice! We will spend up to 2 hours making it just right for you. We can get a lot done in that time! (And if 2 hours doesn’t seem like enough, we can always add some time at our hourly rate.)

Q: What if we don’t like your custom design? Will you be mad?

A: Not at all! While we do consistently impress our customers from the first draft, it is okay if you don’t find it perfect right from the start. Building a home is most likely the largest investment you will ever make, and we understand how important it is to get everything right during the planning stage. We won’t take any pushback personally, it’s your house after all, and you’ll be the ones living there. It needs to be right for you.

Q: My partner and I don’t always agree. How will you implement both of our ideas? 

A: First off, that is totally normal. We regularly help couples understand and identify their lifestyles and unique goals so they can make better choices for everyone. We will also look for creative solutions that easily fit you both. 

Q: Do you offer interior design for existing homes or just new construction? 

A: We do both! Our specialty is selecting finishes for new homes and remodels. Whether you need a single room refresh or whole house overhaul, we can help tie all the paint, flooring, and lighting together.